Working Through a Blogger’s Blog Worksheet


This post is a part of a month-long Blogger Babes blog tour which began here. To read this post in-context, we recommend starting at the beginning–then hop along with us for the full journey.

First, I’d like to thank Carolyn for her ongoing support of Blogger Babes and all the work Heidi and I do as professional bloggers and in PR (public relations). Carolyn has partnered with Blogger Babes even before I came officially on-board, and she has welcomed me as a SoCal Lady Blogger member allowing me to post my many different brand-blogger opportunities in her Facebook group. [Yes, I was in fact a SoCal Blogger...something I miss dearly...from the cold rainy Connecticut I digress...]

Anyways, we look forward to partnering with SoCal Lady Bloggers even more during 2015, and this blog tour spot is one example of many more opportunities yet to come!

Now to the business of blogging…

For the next few days, I’m going to  be discussing the use of worksheets to create unique blog posts fast and easy. Today’s worksheet is definitely a must-have blogger tool because there are critical blogging questions every blogger should ask herself.

A Blogger’s Blogging Questions Worksheet

  • Who are you writing to?

  • What is the general niche?

  • Is there a specific micro-niche?

  • What is this reader’s:

    • Biggest problem

    • Greatest passion

    • Biggest need

    • Irresistible interest

    • Other

  • What is this reader constantly searching for?

  • Why does this reader read your blog? What is she looking for?

  • How does your ideal target reader write? (Don’t just check their comments, see if you can find their blog, social media or forum posts)

  • Does your target reader prefer a mobile device or a PC, when reading blog posts?

  • What are her other most favorite blogs?

  • Are all her favorite blogs within one niche?  Which niche?

Want to take your blog to the next level and grab your blogging worksheet?

The above is an excerpt from our debut “How to Write Blog Posts Faster Blogging Worksheet”, one of seven documents in our comprehensive Blogger Monthly Tutorials launching this Friday, May 1st. Each tutorial eKit comes with a tutorial, 21 tips sheet, worksheets, checklist, all our recommended tools, and much more!

For the price of your last unfinished premium coffee or tea, you can should invest in yourself and your blog.

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Ponn Sabra is a best-selling author and homeschool mom of three tween and teen daughters who are also bestselling authors and probloggers. []. The Managing Partner of Blogger Babes, Ponn is an avid and active-reader. “Active” meaning she doodles, highlights, takes notes, and makes a mess of all her books (kindles included), so having worksheets designed to go through our tutorials has made the ebook of this ekit much prettier. Are you an “active” reader too? Tell us about it.


The PINTEREST Challenge


If you are like us, you probably have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. You love all the fabulous ideas, but you hate the fact that your gourmet dinner doesn’t always come out looking like the professionally styled meal you pinned.

Well, now is your chance to really find out whether living the Pinterest lifestyle is doable for you and your family. We’ve got a fun challenge for you!

The Pinterest Challenge

If you are up to the task, we want you to choose a Pinterest category to LIVE for a week and document your successes and failures. Don’t hold back… we want to really know what worked and what didn’t. If this sounds like something that is right up your alley and you can commit to a week of living the Pinterest life, we’ve got a form where you can choose your category and sign up for the time of your life (or… just something really fun!). We want to make sure we cover as many categories as possible, so do try something that you wouldn’t normally try doing differently.

The rules: Choose a category that you feel you really need some help with. We want this to be a change you really need.

1. You will choose a Pin of your choice (in your category) for each day of the week – 7 total Pins.
2. Each day you will model, copy, cook, style, organize… do whatever you need to do to replicate the Pin.
3. You will take a photo of your “after” and document the ease or difficulty you had in getting YOUR Pin to look like the Original Pin.
4. Write a post and send us the link so we can consolidate them all on a SCLB Post.
5. Have FUN!

The Categories:

* Dinner Ideas
* Dessert Ideas
* School/Work Lunch Ideas
* Clothing – Choose an outfit each day
* Crafts – Choose a craft to replicate each day
* Cleaning/Organization – your house, a room, office, etc.
* Beauty Routines – makeup tips, etc. (maybe do eyes one day, lips another, etc.)
* Hair – try a different style each day
* Nails – a different style each day
* Fitness – workout routines, etc.
* Photography – try a new lens, new lighting or new subject

We will be confirming your category by February 1st and posts will be due March 4th.


Welcome, Momstamp!


Welcome, Momstamp!

by Julie Hermelin

Trusted word of mouth recommendations are gold.  It’s what we’re all looking for.  So many of my life decisions, big and small, coalesced around the cumulative wisdom of my friends and their friends.  For years, my method of madness was scribbled yellow legal pads, layered with multi-colored sticky notes.  In the succession of my notepads, the fertility doctor scribbles became the pediatrician lists, which became numbers for new housekeepers, handymen, tutors and more. Notes upon notes, with increasing velocity, my single person needs compounding into family needs.

In each situation supported by the wisdom of friend’s experiences, I went from novice (fumbling mother of infant twins), to expert (master juggler with three kids), to novice again; navigating pre-school, allergists, speech therapist for a 3 year old?!? Camp planning in February?!? Novice, expert, novice.  I sought recommendations; I gave recommendations, the virtuous cycle.

We’re all busy people. On top of the daily craziness comes a party to plan, stitches to mend, a broken air conditioner to fix. It’s endless. I found the pace of time, kids and work kept condensing, and my to-do lists increasing.  Friends needed recommendations from me; I needed recommendations from them but who had the time to get together for a coffee to discuss.  Emails, phone calls, sticky notes and Facebook posts.  I was drowning, my friends were swamped… there had to be better way.

Welcome, Momstamp!

When my companions in chaos and now co-founders, Paulette Light, Staci Miller and I shared our collective headaches, ideas bloomed and we knew we had the kernel of a solution; MOMSTAMP, a social recommendation website where friends could ask their trusted circle of friends (and friends of friends) for what they needed, fast.  Responses would be saved and organized.  We’d never have to frantically search for that insurance broker’s contact info again, or sheepishly re-contact with a friend for their piano teachers info for a third time.

We found that when asking for specific advice, friends were more likely to offer up their positive experiences than negative, urging a visit to their amazing dermatologist or the genius tutor that helped their son with math.  Momstamp would harness the power of those positive recommendations.  Service providers, classes, camps, schools would only be on Momstamp if they’d been recommended by the Momstamp community. We knew it was about the nuance—so Momstamp would offer the ability to discuss and message as well. Every Momstamp community would be different because it would be based on your circle, operating on the philosophy of intersecting small circles of people you know.  Everyone has their go-to friends; Momstamp would bring them together to make it easy for friends to give each other the help they need.

Planning a big event, starting a remodel, facing an unexpected diagnosis Momstamp would let you make a collection of recommendations to help you gather all of the information in one place.  Big projects would become a little less daunting when you could easily tap into the recommendations and research done by the people in your community that have walked those roads before.

Now just in time to ring in 2015, Momstamp is live and launching in LA!

Simple. Efficient.  Your life, only easier.

Welcome to Momstamp.

Join today and take part in Momstamp’s RESOLUTION REVOLUTION for 5 days of giveaways!

Momstamp_dola_FINAL DoLA


Julie Hermelin, with Paulette Light-Rake and Staci Miller, is a co-founder of Momstamp.  She is also a producer/director/writer, most currently as a creative producer on the AOL web series, The Future Starts Here with Tiffany Shlain.  As the co-chair of The XX Fund, a women’s giving circle administered by the Liberty Hill Foundation, she has the privilege of supporting organizations that empower underserved women and girls in Los Angeles.  A Michigan native and long time Los Angeles transplant, one of her parenting missions is to instill a bit of Midwestern soul into her three rambunctious and growing LA boys

2015 Word of the Year


The beauty of New Year’s is that you get a chance to start all over again. You can put the past year behind you and move forward with new goals, new dreams, new plans and new optimism. Whether you are making resolutions or have decided to take it a day at a time, YOU are in control of your destiny. YOU can make this new year the best year yet.

One thing we love to do at SoCal Lady Bloggers is choose one word that we want to focus on in the upcoming year. This word can be anything having to do with family, heath, business, goals, or something as simple as JOY.

If you chose a word for 2014… it’s now a great time to reflect on the validity of that word in the past year. Were you happy with it? Would you choose it again?

Whether your word pops quickly into your mind or you have to think on it a while, we’d love to hear what YOUR word of the year is. Leave us a comment so we can all cheer you on.

Nothing Bundt Cakes – Valencia

SoCal Lady Bloggers was invited by Nothing Bundt Cakes Valencia for a cake tasting. No compensation for this review was provided.  Opinions expressed are genuine and all photos are our own.


You might have heard talk about a funny little bundt cake that is beyond delicious and just might be making it’s way to a town near you. A bundt cake, you say? What’s a bundt cake? Well, bundt cakes have been around since the turn of the century (the 1900′s, not the 2000′s), but really became popular in the 1950′s and 60′s. They are called bundt cakes because of the fluted pan they are baked in. Back in 1997, two friends decided that it would be pretty awesome to make their love of bundt cakes their business. And we are so thankful they did. One of the newest franchises to open in Southern California is in Valencia. Owned by Zachary and Jennifer, this adorable little shop over in the Kohl’s shopping center on the corner of Valencia Blvd. and McBean Blvd., is not only full of mouth-watering cakes, but it also carries a wide selection of fun gifts and cake stands.


If you’ve never tried a Nothing Bundt Cake, you must search IMMEDIATELY for one near you.  There are almost 100 locations across the United States and each one maintains the universal standard and petal design that makes Nothing Bundt Cakes memorable.  The moist cake and sweet frosting offer a party for your taste buds.  Each bakery will always have the same 10 delicious flavors and featured flavor of the month.  During the holidays they have Gingerbread and Pumpkin, and during the rest of the year there are offerings of Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Turtle.

Starting March 1st, all stores will have Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip available!  We were able to get a sneak of this and oh my – what a sweet pairing.  There is just the right amount of peanut butter and their signature frosting makes it fantastic!  That’s right – each bundt cake, regardless of cake flavor, has the same signature buttery cream cheese frosting in their iconic petal design.


Having a dinner party? Call ahead or shop online to reserve a dozen Bundtinis in a variety pack to keep all your guests happy.  If it’s a themed party, pick up a decorating kit to add to the festivities with liners and toppers!


Each Nothing Bundt Cake offers a great selection of gift items to accompany the Bundlet for the guest of honor.  Novelty card games, large wine glasses and dessert platters are a few of the popular choices.  They also have a great selection of sparkler candles in numbers and shapes!

But wait… there’s more. They also offer a GLUTEN FREE cake.


If you are in the Santa Clarita Valley and happen to stop by Nothing Bundt Cakes, say Hi to Zachary & Jennifer and tell them SoCal Lady Bloggers said to stop by.


Join the Lean for Life Movement

SoCal Lady Bloggers is helping PR Firm Groff-Hinman with outreach for this book and this contest. We are not receiving any monetary compensation or any other perks, other than a complimentary book, for our participation with this program.

Calling all California Moms! SoCal Lady Bloggers is so over-the-moon excited to be helping lead this movement… The Mommy Movement. Now, before you go all crazy on us, we want to encourage ALL women to make healthier lifestyle choices, but as Moms ourselves, we know the special challenges that come from trying to make changes when you have children around. Let’s back up…


You are cordially invited to sign up for The Mommy Movement. We are on a mission to get LEAN FOR LIFE by inviting you to form a team (or several teams) with up to 5 women. If you accept this invitation, you will receive a FREE copy of the newly released “The New Lean for Life” by best-selling author Cynthis Stamper Graff. The book is geared towards helping you lose up to 20 lbs. in 4 weeks! We will also provide you will a discount code for 25% off the book for your entire team. All teams will be using “The New Lean for Life” for their weight loss journeys.


Now is the perfect time to garner the support of your friends, family, Mom’s Club, fellow bloggers, anyone you feel would be a great partner on this journey with you. Each team will choose a team name, something that rivals the fabulous women you are. Be creative, be un-traditional, be over-the-top. Once you have your team, your name and your books… you will start getting a whole bunch of crazy, awesome support from US.


Now we know that getting fit and healthy is it’s own reward, but that’s not always the motivation we need. So how about this? The winning team will receive a FREE trip to New York, which includes seeing a Broadway play, limo transportation to an event, dinner and a beauty makeover! And YOU… the Mom Blogger responsible for forming the team (whether you actually participate or not) – will join your team on this unforgettable trip.


I know… take a deep breath. You can do this!


Here’s my favorite part…


The winning team will be selected by their physical transformations and, perhaps more importantly, how inspiring their story is.  That’s right… it isn’t how much you lost or what the scale at the end of all this says. Participants will be encouraged to share details of their weight loss journeys, recipes they’ve discovered, challenges they may be having, etc. on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also… the winning team (and the affiliated blogger) will be featured in magazines and major television shows. THIS IS BIG, PEOPLE!


So, ready to start? Here’s how:


1)   Bloggers enlist their followers to participate in THE MOMMY MOVEMENT contest and extend an exclusive 25% discount/promo code on “The New Lean For Life” to their team members & readers.

2)   Teams of up to 5 will give themselves a colorful moniker that will then become the team’s hashtag (e.g. LincolnStLadies, MinnesotaMammas, etc.)

3)   Take “before” photos — both individual shots and group shots if possible.  (Participants are encouraged to take weekly photos & videos of themselves to document their progress!)

4)   Be a part of our online community! Use the hashtag #NewLeanForLife + your team’s hashtag to check-in!  The Lean for Life team and teams across the country will encourage and support one another through social media.  We want to know what you’re thinking, your ups and downs, challenges and victories and anything else happening!  Help keep your own team members accountable and on track through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

5) All teams have from now until May 1 to transform themselves & submit their entries.  All entries must be emailed to


Remember that winners are selected by their physical transformations AND how inspiring their stories are, so remember…

1)   All participants must submit their “Before” and “After” photos (group & individual shots)

2)   All participants must submit a brief paragraph on how this journey has changed their lives.  Did the weight loss help you get off diabetes medication? Did it prepare you for an upcoming high school reunion?  Have your new eating habits rubbed off on your children and now they too are losing weight?  Is your group preparing to run a marathon?


The winners will have opportunities to appear on local and/or national TV and magazines.

Request your copy of “The New Lean For Life” today by replying with your mailing address and get started!



READY? Feel free to contact SoCal Lady Bloggers for any further information you may need. We also have our own hashtag for this amazing contest.


If you are starting a team… or just want to be a part of one, shoot us an email as well at carolyn@socalladybloggers OR melissa@socalladybloggers and you’ll be on our personal SoCal Lady Bloggers list to receive special tips, tricks and cheerleading to help you and your team succeed.

Follow LEAN FOR LIFE on Twitter and Facebook.

To kick-off this amazing movement, we are having a TWITTER PARTY on Thursday, February 6th at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Come learn about the movement, the contest, the prizes and how to form your teams. Follow #NewLeanforLife

SoCal Lady Bloggers has partnered with Groff & Hinman PR to promote “The Mommy Movement” contest.

Looking for Southern California #ZEROREZ Blogger Ambassadors



SoCal Lady Bloggers is working with Mamavation and Bookieboo to help select 25 bloggers for this amazing new ZEROREZ Blogger Ambassador Campaign. If you live in the following regions, we invite you to apply:  Ventura, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino & the Inland Empire.

Zerorez cleans carpets, flooring, upholstery, tile, etc all without use of harmful chemicals.

Each blogger selected will host a service technician at their home and live tweet it, create 3 blog posts, host a banner and support the campaign on their additional social media platforms. Compensation: $400.

Bloggers will be selected until February 10th, but if you are interested, the sooner you apply, the better your chances of being selected.

Learn more on the Mammavation blog.


Introducing the Entertainment New Media Network Conference (ENMN) 2014


SoCal Lady Bloggers is pleased to be a media partner with the Entertainment New Media Network for their upcoming ENMN Conference. This unique niche conference will bring together bloggers from all over the country who focus on entertainment and travel blogging. Los Angeles is the perfect location considering we are the center of Entertainment in the U.S. There will be studio tours, a celebrity junket, travel expo, and training that can’t be found anywhere else. A new certification program will also be launched soon.

The conference will be February 13 – 16, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in Garden Grove, CA. If you write about travel or entertainment, or are considering starting to focus your blog in these areas, this conference is a MUST for you.

Conference registration is normally $299, but SoCal Lady Bloggers members are eligible for a discounted rate of $99 through the end of this week only. Visit and register. Use the coupon code 99RATE at check out to receive the special SCLB rate.



New Year – New You – New Us

Welcome to the new SoCal Lady Bloggers website. We are pretty stoked about it and hope you will be too. Our goals were to make the site more functional and represent the beauty of living in Southern California. This wouldn’t have happened without Melissa’s talent for web design (Carolyn has none) and gratitude goes to Brittany Garner for designing our new logo.

Gearing up for 2014, we are working hard to provide fun and educational events for you. We have a fun crafting event coming up and several restaurant events. Our goal this year is to get to meet as many of you as we possibly can.

For the New Year, we wanted to also offer you a discount on the upcoming Lifestyle Bloggers Conference. This is the only annual conference for Lifestyle Bloggers held in Los Angeles and we work really hard to bring you interesting sessions and speakers you haven’t heard a million times before. Many of our speakers go on to more high-profile speaking engagements… and you get to see them first. Tickets are on sale now. Cross off the “grow my blog” item from your goal list today and purchase your ticket.

LLBlog 2014 200x200 Banner

We also know that we have some of the best writers and storytellers in the business and we want to help you promote yourselves.  We are starting to feature YOU on our website. If you are interested, please fill out this FORM.

One last thing… we kind of feel like SoCal Lady Bloggers is our special little corner of the blogging world. We also know that we wouldn’t be here (500 strong) without all of you. We adore you ladies and want all of you to prosper in the new year. Our doors (okay, emails) are always open. Please let us know if you have events you’d like to promote, ideas you want to share, or just want to say Hi.





2014 Word of the Year


Last January, we started a thread in our Facebook group in which many of us chose words of the year. A word, rather than a list of resolutions, was a great way to focus on one thing to strive for during the year. And now, a year later, we are doing it again. We want to know…

What is YOUR word of the year?

Come link up your post and let us know what your word is and why you chose it. Let’s make 2014 the best year yet!