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First, I’d like to thank Carolyn for her ongoing support of Blogger Babes and all the work Heidi and I do as professional bloggers and in PR (public relations). Carolyn has partnered with Blogger Babes even before I came officially on-board, and she has welcomed me as a SoCal Lady Blogger member allowing me to post my many different brand-blogger opportunities in her Facebook group. [Yes, I was in fact a SoCal Blogger...something I miss dearly...from the cold rainy Connecticut I digress...]

Anyways, we look forward to partnering with SoCal Lady Bloggers even more during 2015, and this blog tour spot is one example of many more opportunities yet to come!

Now to the business of blogging…

For the next few days, I’m going to  be discussing the use of worksheets to create unique blog posts fast and easy. Today’s worksheet is definitely a must-have blogger tool because there are critical blogging questions every blogger should ask herself.

A Blogger’s Blogging Questions Worksheet

  • Who are you writing to?

  • What is the general niche?

  • Is there a specific micro-niche?

  • What is this reader’s:

    • Biggest problem

    • Greatest passion

    • Biggest need

    • Irresistible interest

    • Other

  • What is this reader constantly searching for?

  • Why does this reader read your blog? What is she looking for?

  • How does your ideal target reader write? (Don’t just check their comments, see if you can find their blog, social media or forum posts)

  • Does your target reader prefer a mobile device or a PC, when reading blog posts?

  • What are her other most favorite blogs?

  • Are all her favorite blogs within one niche?  Which niche?

Want to take your blog to the next level and grab your blogging worksheet?

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Ponn Sabra is a best-selling author and homeschool mom of three tween and teen daughters who are also bestselling authors and probloggers. []. The Managing Partner of Blogger Babes, Ponn is an avid and active-reader. “Active” meaning she doodles, highlights, takes notes, and makes a mess of all her books (kindles included), so having worksheets designed to go through our tutorials has made the ebook of this ekit much prettier. Are you an “active” reader too? Tell us about it.



  1. Oh I just did this exercise and it has helped tremendously. I finally have a clear idea of who my ideal reader is.

  2. Thanks Carolyn for being a great host!
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  3. Very helpful info. Some of it I know but there’s nothing like getting it all written down. Thanks for being a blog host!
    Marya recently posted..How to Create Social Media Buzz for Every Blog PostMy Profile

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