The PINTEREST Challenge


If you are like us, you probably have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. You love all the fabulous ideas, but you hate the fact that your gourmet dinner doesn’t always come out looking like the professionally styled meal you pinned.

Well, now is your chance to really find out whether living the Pinterest lifestyle is doable for you and your family. We’ve got a fun challenge for you!

The Pinterest Challenge

If you are up to the task, we want you to choose a Pinterest category to LIVE for a week and document your successes and failures. Don’t hold back… we want to really know what worked and what didn’t. If this sounds like something that is right up your alley and you can commit to a week of living the Pinterest life, we’ve got a form where you can choose your category and sign up for the time of your life (or… just something really fun!). We want to make sure we cover as many categories as possible, so do try something that you wouldn’t normally try doing differently.

The rules: Choose a category that you feel you really need some help with. We want this to be a change you really need.

1. You will choose a Pin of your choice (in your category) for each day of the week – 7 total Pins.
2. Each day you will model, copy, cook, style, organize… do whatever you need to do to replicate the Pin.
3. You will take a photo of your “after” and document the ease or difficulty you had in getting YOUR Pin to look like the Original Pin.
4. Write a post and send us the link so we can consolidate them all on a SCLB Post.
5. Have FUN!

The Categories:

* Dinner Ideas
* Dessert Ideas
* School/Work Lunch Ideas
* Clothing – Choose an outfit each day
* Crafts – Choose a craft to replicate each day
* Cleaning/Organization – your house, a room, office, etc.
* Beauty Routines – makeup tips, etc. (maybe do eyes one day, lips another, etc.)
* Hair – try a different style each day
* Nails – a different style each day
* Fitness – workout routines, etc.
* Photography – try a new lens, new lighting or new subject

We will be confirming your category by February 1st and posts will be due March 4th.



  1. School lunches! Oh how I need help. Plus it gives me an excuse to explain to my hubby why I need to buy the kids a new stainless lunchbox.

  2. I really want to do this, but the category I could be best and most consistent in isn’t here. I’d like to try household tips. It would include cleaning, food prep, perhaps organization. If that is ok, I’m in.

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