Friday Link-Up 9/20/13

I know you have all been super busy writing, writing, writing… I’ve been seeing some incredible posts this past week. I would love for you to link them up and let everyone else share in the magic.

Have an amazing weekend! There are still a few spots available for our WordPress/SEO workshop tomorrow.


SCLBloggers Learn to Bake at Le Pain Quotidien

On Friday, September 13th a group of our members visited Le Pain Quotidien at Fashion Island in Newport Beach for an evening of comraderie with a little bread baking thrown in.

The class was taught by the affable Scott, the restaurant’s assistant baker. He taught the group the basics of bread from mixing to kneading to baking and everything in between!

With Scott’s assistance the ladies learned to bake the official Le Pain Quotidien baguette as well as hazelnut raisin bread and rolls filled with butter and chocolate. Ingredient tasting was highly encouraged!

Not only did the ladies learn the basics of bread baking but they also learned how to make their bread beautiful. In the picture above they are learning to make the Pain d’Epi – a baguette shaped like a wheat stalk.

While taking the detailed 3 hour class the ladies all had the chance to catch up and share fun stories of bread, family, and, of course, blogging.

At the end of the class every student was offered a bevvy of bread to take home. Each lady received 4 baguettes, 2 hazelnut raisin loaves, 8 rolls, a batch of dough, and a goodie bag.  The overall consensus was that the class was wonderful and the bread was delicious.

Thank you Le Pain Quotidien for hosting this fun evening! If you are interested in taking a class you can find the schedule here.

Reminders and Friday Link-Up

I wanted to start by reminding you of some upcoming events.

9/21 – WordPress/SEO Workshop – Courtney Vera will be leading a class in how to navigate your own WordPress Blog (you know, the stuff that you have always been wondering how to find and how to change) and how to simply use SEO to grow your blog. Oh… and enjoy some awesome wine from Bon Affair.

10/27 – Goal Setting & Organization Lunch & Workshop – Melissa Reyes, certified Life Coach and SCLB Member, will conduct this hands-on workshop on setting goals and actually implementing them. Enjoy lunch at Gordon Biersch.

3/27/- 29 – The Lifestyle Bloggers Conference – This incredible boutique conference, right here in downtown Los Angeles, is a great opportunity to network, learn and collaborate with other lifestyle bloggers and brand reps. This is a very interactive conference, with one track, that will definitely leave you more motivated, excited and inspired.

Okay… now show us what you got! Link up a blog post of yours that you were most excited about this week. Leave a post, please comment on a post. That’s how we roll around here.

Enjoy your weekend!

TGIF Link-Up

Someone please tell me how we are already at Labor Day Weekend? Did we even have a summer? I do have to say, though, that I kind of like the fall. Hopefully the weather will start cooling off a little, and with the kids back in school, we’re all getting a lot more work done, right?

I want to remind everyone that the SCLB Monthly Newsletter is coming out September 1st. If you haven’t signed up for it yet… what are you waiting for? More changes are coming so you don’t want to miss out.

With the long weekend ahead of us, I know we’ll all have so much more free time to read up on our blogs. Add your link below to a post that you want to share with all of us. Happy reading!

Get on the Blog-Event Bandwagon – and Friday Link-Up

It’s been a busy week for the SoCal Lady Bloggers. There are lots of changes coming your way, but in the meantime, we wanted to remind you of some pretty cool events coming up. Take a look, sign up, and get ready to have an awesome fall in Southern California!

Introduction to Bread Baking Class – September 13 

Melanie Kaminski has been working hard to organize this fun event. If you have baked your own bread before, or if you’ve thought it was just way too hard to do… come take this class and find out how easy it to do at home. There is nothing as yummy as fresh, warm baked bread.

Navigating the World of WordPress/SEO – September 21

You’ve been asking, so we are answering. Bring all your questions and learn how to navigate your own WordPress website (without having to run to an expert all the time) and find out exactly how to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work for you.

Organization & Goal Setting for your Blog – October 27 (Registration Coming)

We talk about it all the time, but we rarely find our blogging groove. This lunch & workshop will help you set realistic goals for your life and your blog and make a plan for implementing them.

LIfestyle Bloggers Conference – March 27-29, 2014

The 4th Annual Lifestyle Bloggers Conference will be held in downtown Los Angeles at the LA Mart. This boutique conference will be limited to 150 attendees in order for you to network and collaborate with the other bloggers. Don’t pay travel expenses… this is the local blog conference you’ve been waiting for.

I know, they all sound amazing! Can’t choose? That’s okay… sign up for them all!

Got some awesome blog posts to share this week? We want to see them. Link-up below (and feel free to link up posts you do during the upcoming week as well). If you add a link, please remember to visit a link.


Celebrate Friday with a Link-Up

Who is happy that it’s Friday? I thought so!

Let’s enjoy the start of the weekend by linking up a blog post from the past week that you want some love on. Comments, shares, re-tweets… let’s support our SCLB Sisters in a big way.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to welcome all the new SCLB Members to the group. If you haven’t introduced yourself… what are you waiting for? Let us know a little about you and your blog over on our Facebook Group.


#CityLove – Friday Link-Up


What do you love about the city you live in? If visitors were coming from out of town, where would you take them? Is there some secret place you discovered that you’d like to share? Today, show us the love you have for where you live. Link up your #CityLove post below.


It’s Coming – The 4th Annual Lifestyle Bloggers Conference

LLBlog 2014 200x200 Banner

Conference season is in full swing, and if you are thinking about plans for 2014, mark your calendars for the 4th Annual Lifestyle Bloggers Conference.

In partnership with the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers, #lallblog14 will be even better than last year (and last year was pretty awesome). Fabulous speakers, incredible sponsors and enviable swag bags are all part of the package.

Last year’s location was pretty fab, but our next location will be even fabber… okay, not a word, but you can be sure it will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Yes, also not a word, but if Disney can use it… so can we.

So, while BlogHer is keeping mum about their next conference, we aren’t. Our conference will be held at:

The LA Mart
1933 Broadway
March 27 – 29, 2014
Los Angeles


Link-Up Friday

Ladies… feel free to link-up any post that you are proud of this week (or just need some extra love on). Next week we’re doing another super-special link-up. I know you are all dying to know, since the Shoe Me link-up was awesome!

For next week, it’s all about YOUR city. Whatever part of SoCal you live in, we want to know what is special about it. Do you have a favorite restaurant, museum, park, etc.? If we were coming to visit, where would you take us? There are a lot of gems in this amazing State we live in and we want to hear about all of them. Grab the button and go to town. (Don’t you just love puns?)


So… you’ve got a week to think about a place you want to share with us. Thank you Megan McClain for coming up with both the Shoe link-up and the City link-up.


Just Shoe Me – Friday Link-Up

Shoes are an essential part of a woman’s closet. They not only protect your feet, they define your style. They show your confidence. They hide how short you are. Some women collect them like art, some only keep a few trusty and well-loved pairs.

We know our SoCal ladies have great shoe collections- whether you are a fashion blogger, a mommy blogger, or a food blogger! We want you to show off your shoe collection in a post on your blog. Take photos and showcase your collection…or use the opportunity to prompt a shoe intervention! Let’s hear about your favorite shoes, your most trustworthy ones or the one you just can’t bear to part with. Let’s take a moment to take a glimpse in someone else’s life and (fantasize) take a walk in their shoes.


To start it off- here is a little glimpse into Megan’s closet- her beloved pair of platform heels she’s worn exactly three times.


Since she does a mean Nicole Kidman/ Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise impression in them with her husband, she tries to wear them out with the girls.

However, she was determined to wear them on a double date, and after standing and talking way too long, leaning her arm on her husband’s shoulder and practically looking over his head, she took a step back and fell straight on her butt!

How many ladies can relate to that?

Carolyn’s shoe collection is a little more tame, mostly consisting of flats and wedges.
Funny how the short girl wears the flats. Hmmm….


Link-up will run all week, so don’t stress about getting a new post up today. Actually, don’t stress about writing at all if you don’t feel like it. We’re good with photos. We’re nosy that way.

As usual, if you link up, please show some love to your fellow blogging sisters.

When sharing the posts on social media, please use the hashtags #ShoeMe and #SCLB!

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You’re welcome to write shoe posts after the linkup is over, just please use the accompanying hashtags with your shares.