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SoCal Lady Bloggers is helping PR Firm Groff-Hinman with outreach for this book and this contest. We are not receiving any monetary compensation or any other perks, other than a complimentary book, for our participation with this program.

Calling all California Moms! SoCal Lady Bloggers is so over-the-moon excited to be helping lead this movement… The Mommy Movement. Now, before you go all crazy on us, we want to encourage ALL women to make healthier lifestyle choices, but as Moms ourselves, we know the special challenges that come from trying to make changes when you have children around. Let’s back up…


You are cordially invited to sign up for The Mommy Movement. We are on a mission to get LEAN FOR LIFE by inviting you to form a team (or several teams) with up to 5 women. If you accept this invitation, you will receive a FREE copy of the newly released “The New Lean for Life” by best-selling author Cynthis Stamper Graff. The book is geared towards helping you lose up to 20 lbs. in 4 weeks! We will also provide you will a discount code for 25% off the book for your entire team. All teams will be using “The New Lean for Life” for their weight loss journeys.


Now is the perfect time to garner the support of your friends, family, Mom’s Club, fellow bloggers, anyone you feel would be a great partner on this journey with you. Each team will choose a team name, something that rivals the fabulous women you are. Be creative, be un-traditional, be over-the-top. Once you have your team, your name and your books… you will start getting a whole bunch of crazy, awesome support from US.


Now we know that getting fit and healthy is it’s own reward, but that’s not always the motivation we need. So how about this? The winning team will receive a FREE trip to New York, which includes seeing a Broadway play, limo transportation to an event, dinner and a beauty makeover! And YOU… the Mom Blogger responsible for forming the team (whether you actually participate or not) – will join your team on this unforgettable trip.


I know… take a deep breath. You can do this!


Here’s my favorite part…


The winning team will be selected by their physical transformations and, perhaps more importantly, how inspiring their story is.  That’s right… it isn’t how much you lost or what the scale at the end of all this says. Participants will be encouraged to share details of their weight loss journeys, recipes they’ve discovered, challenges they may be having, etc. on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also… the winning team (and the affiliated blogger) will be featured in magazines and major television shows. THIS IS BIG, PEOPLE!


So, ready to start? Here’s how:


1)   Bloggers enlist their followers to participate in THE MOMMY MOVEMENT contest and extend an exclusive 25% discount/promo code on “The New Lean For Life” to their team members & readers.

2)   Teams of up to 5 will give themselves a colorful moniker that will then become the team’s hashtag (e.g. LincolnStLadies, MinnesotaMammas, etc.)

3)   Take “before” photos — both individual shots and group shots if possible.  (Participants are encouraged to take weekly photos & videos of themselves to document their progress!)

4)   Be a part of our online community! Use the hashtag #NewLeanForLife + your team’s hashtag to check-in!  The Lean for Life team and teams across the country will encourage and support one another through social media.  We want to know what you’re thinking, your ups and downs, challenges and victories and anything else happening!  Help keep your own team members accountable and on track through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

5) All teams have from now until May 1 to transform themselves & submit their entries.  All entries must be emailed to


Remember that winners are selected by their physical transformations AND how inspiring their stories are, so remember…

1)   All participants must submit their “Before” and “After” photos (group & individual shots)

2)   All participants must submit a brief paragraph on how this journey has changed their lives.  Did the weight loss help you get off diabetes medication? Did it prepare you for an upcoming high school reunion?  Have your new eating habits rubbed off on your children and now they too are losing weight?  Is your group preparing to run a marathon?


The winners will have opportunities to appear on local and/or national TV and magazines.

Request your copy of “The New Lean For Life” today by replying with your mailing address and get started!



READY? Feel free to contact SoCal Lady Bloggers for any further information you may need. We also have our own hashtag for this amazing contest.


If you are starting a team… or just want to be a part of one, shoot us an email as well at carolyn@socalladybloggers OR melissa@socalladybloggers and you’ll be on our personal SoCal Lady Bloggers list to receive special tips, tricks and cheerleading to help you and your team succeed.

Follow LEAN FOR LIFE on Twitter and Facebook.

To kick-off this amazing movement, we are having a TWITTER PARTY on Thursday, February 6th at 6pm PT/9pm ET. Come learn about the movement, the contest, the prizes and how to form your teams. Follow #NewLeanforLife

SoCal Lady Bloggers has partnered with Groff & Hinman PR to promote “The Mommy Movement” contest.